From Philip to Alexander

In 337 Philip created “the community of the Greeks” and legalised a common council. “The public”, with political and military centre, Macedonian, and the cultural centre, was Athens, and it consisted of two powerful connective confederations, that had the strength to inflict their views with political and diplomatic way and whenever it was needed with military power of 15.000 horsemen, 200.000 soldiers and 160 tritheist crew of 30.000 men.

Consolidation of Alexander to Greece and the Balkans

At Corinth, Alexander meets philosopher Diogenis. He was stunned with his wisdom and his purity, as much as his endless search for light, the truth and exclaimed “If I were not a king, I would like to have been Diogenis”. His meeting with Diogenis and the messages he got from their conversation would accompany him all his life.

The beginning of a great journey

As soon as Alexander settled his current issues which could not be accomplished by his replacement, he started talking about the campaign with his council. This would change the flow of history and would distinguish the great political and strategic character of Alexander.

Achilles the model of Alexander in his campaign in Asia

Asia was in front of Alexander and he himself as king of the Greeks would get revenge for the murders caused by the Persians on the Greek land. The Macedonian king nailed his spear into the earth, offered a wreath on Achilles’ tomb whilst Ifaistionas offered one on Patroklos’ tomb.

The Gordian Knot and the battle at Issos

The victory at Issos had symbolic establishment. Darius left his mother, his wife and children that were waiting at the army-camp mourning, knowing that he had been killed. Alexander sent Leonnato to inform that they will live with all the royal honours.

The conquer of Egypt

When the head priest learnt that Alexander was reaching the city, with all his priest and the citizens went out to welcome him with religious grandeur, which did not look like a welcoming from the rest of the nations at a place called Saphein. The name translated in Greek means ” Skopos ” in other words observation because from there you could see all of Jerusalem and the temples.

A new target: The East

But in autumn of the same year at a dinner at Samarkand. Alexander killed his best friend Kleitos, who saved him in battle at Granikou. Kleitos was sarcastic about Alexander’s Asian politics and his faith when he was son of Ammon. The Macedonian king himself seeing that he killed his unarmed friend, and turned his sword to himself.

The journey towards India and its return

In 327 Alexander fulfiled two years of continues war and with faith for success he was going towards the land of the river Indus and the tributary of (today’s Pakistan and Kasmir). If he conquered India, he would have conquered all of Asia. Against him he had excellent warriors, whom were not united and had great disputes between them, which caused conflict against each other.

Towards the end

I want the most distinguished doctors to lift my body, to show that not even they have the strength to treat people in front of the power of God, I want the ground to be covered with my treasures, for everyone to see that the riches I obtained here, will remain here, I want my hands to be swaying in the air, so people can see that we come here with empty hands and we leave with empty hands, when the most precious treasure finishes, which is time.