The last victory against the Persians. The battle at Gaugamela

Even though Alexander wanted to expand his possessions to the South of Egypt, his army’s mission did not continue towards the centre of Africa. Alexander, gave orders to build two bridges at the Euphrates river, going through North-East of the mountains in Armenia and going towards the Tigris river where Darius was. The night of September 20th, 331 was an eclipse of the moon, incident which Alexander received as a very positive omen according to predictions. The victory of the Persians would come, the same month.

Darius on the other hand, had in his possession the best cavalry from Cappadocia and Pakistan. He also possessed a new weapon, the chariot with sharp blades, armed with a scythe which was a mark of victory on its own.

From the beginning of the battle Alexander moved to Gaugamela. The javelin-bearers of the Macedonians prevailed and Darius fled. Alexander chased them for 110km, reaching Arvila (today’s Erbil north of Iraq) and conquered the immense treasure of the Persian king. It was a complete victory that terrorized the enemy and gave great hapiness to friends. Now, nothing could stop Alexander.

The battle at Gaugamela

At Arvila the Macedonian king, sacrificied to the Gods, gave rewards with honour and the Macedonians declared him king of Asia. Alexander himself in his offering to Athina of Lindou wrote ” King Alexander defeated Darius in battle and was declared King of Asia”.

The victory at Gaugamela meant the completion of the domination of the Macedonians, the unity of the Greek strength and of course the military and political character of Alexander. No army and no king could withstand him.