Achilles the model of Alexander in his campaign in Asia

Achilles bandages Patroclos’ wound

Asia was in front of Alexander and he himself as king of the Greeks would get revenge for the murders caused by the Persians on the Greek land.

The Macedonian king nailed his spear into the earth, offered a wreath on Achilles’ tomb whilst Ifaistionas offered one on Patroklos’ tomb.

While Alexander was reading Iliad, as were all Greeks in his time, he was impressed from Achilles΄ achievements, his bravery, his manlihood, his huge Greek civilization and his humanity. Achilles existed as Alexander’s model, because he read that Achilles was a person-a warrior, that achieved so much in such little time.

His name had remained in the hearts and lips of all the Greeks and not only and every war and achievement in the ancient world was identified with Achilles.

For Alexander he was not just a Greek, that achieved the impossible but one of his ancestors.

Alexander sacrificed at Athina Troada and washed the sacrilege that was commited by his ancestor Neoptolemos, son of Achilles, that killed Priamo at the altaz of Dios.

The sacrifice was to honour Priamo, and wished that Priamos would not transfer his curse to the ancestors of Neoptolemos. Therefore Alexander wanted to have goddess Athina with him and Priamos spirit.

After Alexander nailed his spear to the land of Asia, with the aim to claim his victory.