Alexander frees Babylon, Soysa and Persepolis and becomes ruler of the Persian kingdom

Alexander’s entry into Babylon

Babylon, the richest area of the Persian kingdom, was now in the hands of Alexander. For Babylon’s nation. the coming of the Macedonians terminated 200 years of Persian occupation. Mazaios was appointed as political governor, higher general who had fought against Alexander at Gaugamela. This gesture surprised the Macedonians. But for Alexander it was another honour for those who were willing to join him as it has occured with Availiti, who had handed over Sousa, and with Mithrivi who had handed over Sardis.

Once the army had rested for a month in Babylon, Alexander drove them to Sousa, where they meet with the strength of Amunta.

In the Greek region revolution in Pelopponiso and Thrace caused same problems because the army could not move easily, due to the fact that they needed three months to reach Sousa from Macedonia. The only thing that Alexander did was to sent money to Antipatros to maintain the army and to stop the revolution. Now, Alexander was going towards Persepolis in Persia and in a narrow lane of 10 kilometres, which was guarded by a strong army strength. But Alexander drove his army behind the enemy front and surprised the Persian which could not react. Persepolis was seized and the treasures of the capital of king Darius and Xerxes was now in the hands of the Macedonians. It was January 330 and Alexander decided to burn the palace as revenge for the deed taken place by the Persians against the Greek Gods, as Stravonas and Arrianos mention.

After relaxing for a few month, in March of the same year, the Macedonians conquered the land of Mardon, whilst Alexander continued his tactics assignment of the Persians in the conquered regions.

Alexander’s father, Philip had the same respected political policies to the conquered nations. It was another deed that once again made Alexander unique. Darius stayed in the country of Midon for seven whole months without any disturbance from Alexander. The Macedonian king went towards Ecbatana, the last of the three Persian capitals, and since they conquered her, the end of the war was declared by the Greeks against the Persians.

It was a significant day for the Greeks because when war started against the Persians nobody knew that in such a small time it would be absolute victory. Alexander was the leading factor in the final victory.

Whoever had march with Alexander left taking with them presents from the king. Alexander with the centre being Ecbatana, went towards the gates of Kaspias, expecting to arrest Daruis. They rested for a while at the Pages (near today’s Tehran) and as they past the gates, they stopped at Hoarivi. There they informed that Darius was arrested from three Persian nobles whom realised that they would be caught by Alexander, killed Daruis.

In July of 330 Alexander found Darius dead. A new challenge was now in front of him. In Asia and also in the Greek nation the revolutions had stopped. Nobody could resist him.

The army strength was divided into three subjects conquering the Mardous, the Zapourious and other nations.