A letter to Alexander

A letter to Alexander, on the occasion of my second album

ALEXANDROS (the roads you haven’t walked)

It’s about time I didn’t write to you and I’d like to explain to you why I’m writing to you again now, thirteen years later from that first significant, for me at least, letter. A letter that gave me a lot of power and led me to the roads which might have always been mine but I hadn’t realized it until then. Your figure and your secret but so intense presence were necessary for me to understand and move on.

There are roads you’ve walked, and there are others you haven’t walked. These second ones I want to present you, walking them with you for a while now. Inner roads, roads of imagination and fairy tale, roads of the East, roads of the West. Roads of silk, but also of the Byzantine Empire, roads of suspicion of the true God and roads of salvation certainty. Roads of affection, roads of love, roads both of sweat and pain and roads of blood. Roads of life, roads of death and resurrected roads. These roads may not be found in my music, but they are surely, forever etched in my soul. Because music is “art” and art unfortunately has both craftsmanship and logic (human tools, in which I have hesitated to trust the really important events of my life since I was a child). But the soul is a real, pure and eternal blast. Listen to the heart. Moreover, forgive me for approaching you once more and trying to touch you, only with my own guns, both music and my words.

You know, I live in a time when “poetic license” tends to be replaced by “historical license” and every baby-modern Greek looks at history like his old, and usually self-interested beliefs . So now, more than ever, I feel the need to continue to embrace not only you with my music , but also everything else that is truly yours and ours. Whatever it is, was and always will be, Greek. I tell ours, because, thanks God, there are many of us who think like this and my hope is that we will become more and more. Because the truth has that. It gathers “real faces” all around quietly and secretly, waiting for either the moment or the man to appear. So, by opening my soul to you again for a while, unfortunately I leave you in the hands of people who have not loved you and have not understood you. But mostly I leave you in the safest museums on earth. Our hearts.

With a lot of love

Stamatis Spanoudakis