A unique leader

The fathers of the church often mention Alexander the Great.

He is spoken highly of his good will and his unique character, having in mind the elder Greek historians, whom wrote in detail, the facts about the campaign of the insuperable commander.

They praise his purity and his wisdom, his philanthropy, often his attitude, his honour, his word, he attributed to his friends and to friendship, he refused to believe in slander, he showed respect to those who trustedhim with their secret and he gave great meaning to secrecy, his respect to God and recognition of his weaknesses, his patriotism, his love for his parents, and to his teacher the political and military difficulties, his deep respect to people-even if they were of another nationality-which stood out for their virtue, wisdom and every type of competency.

Alexander the Great, art of Foti Kontouglou.

They even praised that he was above money, honest and justice.

They spoke highly of his agility, the speed of receiving and carrying out the difficult decisions, being undefeated at battle, his visions were world wide during his era and always recognisable and his generosity.

And with him they praised the nation of the Macedonian which has distinguished him that is Greek, as Alexander is Macedonian, and ” the king of the Macedonians ” but Greek and ” the king of the Greeks ” and with both titles, is named by the fathers of the church as in the Old Testament.