Religious belief and the depth of human feelings

Alexander grew up in an atmosphere that inspired the faith to the gods, with daily sacrifices next to his father, with participation in religious rituals to Olympus and of course between the religious nation of Macedonia. His mother influenced him deeply in whatever had to do with his religion and she passed religious on him intensively. Once he understood the divine, he was ready to accept the strength of the gods from many religions and worships in many places, whatever their names were.

Alexander was a faithful person, that understood the strength of the gods and the respect man should show. In every decision he would take into account concerning peace and at war he would think and then pray. His faith in strength and knowledge was connected with the intensive faith and religion. From a young age, Alexander believed that he would achieve more than his father.

Alexanders’ faith was deep since he knew and respected god, believed that man came from god and had to come close to god. He thanked and honoured the gods for his achievements with the combination of his deep feelings and love emitted creating a full man.

Alexander daily perfomed sacrifices. Even when he was sick, as for himself and the Macedonians. He performed sacrifices even for the most important event. The Greek pantheon was the new religion and in many cases, the Greek religion functioned as a forerunner of christianity, while the Greek language as a passage. Apostle Paul spoke and wrote in Greek, he knew that the inhabitance of the regions that are mentioned had perfect knowledge of the Greek language and the Greek culture, of God and man.

Alexander’s temple at Bahariya of Egypt, built during Alexander’s life.

The love and feelings of Alexander was expressed in different phases of his life and his campaign. To his mother, co-warriors, to his beloved friend Hephaestion, to Darius’ mother and wife, to Roxana, Alexander gave repeatable and unique moments. The weddings of 324 at Sousa between 80 Persians and noble women of Baktrion with distinguished Macedonians remained in history for many reasons that were connected with diplomacy. We have to note that weddings in ancient times we made between citizens of the same region and tribe, so they could sustain the features of each tribe.

When king Poros said ” Treat me like a king, Alexander ” he left his kingdom, as subordinate king, and added new countries. Alexander’s feeling towards his mother and especially towards his friend Hephaestion was unique and remained in history. Even in difficult times, such as when he killed his friend Kleito and gave orders to kill other friends, his regret was true. He loved his co-warriors with passion until the last moment.