The unity of the Greeks

The Greeks for centuries were divided and only in difficult times, that was concerned with their survival, were joint, to face intruders like the Persians. Even then there were disagreements and conflicts that put resistance and defence at risk.

Alexander understood the problem of seperation but the advantage of joining the Greeks. He united the Greek world, created the instutition with great significance up to today, with discrete and huge rights and freedom without distinction. The Greek Alexander was the true Alexander.

The strength of his character was as much, as to keep distinct his two roles, as for his brain and as for his character. Ptolemaios and Aristovoulos were right when they regarded the real Alexander, as the Macedonian Alexander. When it was needed they honoured the Greeks and Persians. He was strict and just and integer, as a great leader must be, that put the public interest, and unity above everything.

Alexander was a respected personality to the majority of the Greeks, that expressed and personified the universal extend of the Greek character. For many he simultaneously changed the name of the Macedonians and Macedonia was the same as the resistance and victory, as Polivios writes in his speech of Acarnan political Hops in 211 B.C. in Sparta: ” Whilst you can not apologies for nothing, be proud because you resisted the invasion of the barbarics against Delphon and you demand that the Greeks own you gratitude for this. But you owe thanks to Aetolia for only one servant, what kind and how big of an honour should the Macedonians receive, when the largest part of their lives did not stop to compete against the barbarians for the safety of Greece.

Because who would ignore that the Greeks were always in big danger, if they did not have the Macedonians as walls and the desire of their king.

The biggest proof of this was: As soon as the Gauls stopped depending on the Macedonians, because they beat Ptolemaio, re-named Lightning, as soon as they convicted the others, they came with the leadership of Brennus, up to the centre of Greece. This would have happened many times, if it was not for the embarkment of the Macedonians “.